If your company has sent you to Singapore to work, there are a variety of work permits available to you, including the Singapore Employment Pass (SEP) (EP). An overview of the EP application procedure and everything you should be aware of before submitting an application.

What is an Employment Pass, and how does it work?

International professionals, managers, and business owners and directors looking to work in Singapore may apply for an Sponsored Employment Pass (EP) from the Ministry of Manpower. If you have a valid work permit, you may live and work in Singapore without the requirement for further entry visas.

Most Employment Passes may be renewed at any point throughout their validity term. Having an EP in your possession makes the process of applying for Singaporean permanent residence considerably simpler.

In the United States, an Employment Pass is a visa that permits you to work lawfully.

If the following conditions are satisfied, a Singaporean Employment Pass may be obtained:

As a basic minimum, earn S$3,600 per month as a fixed salary. Recent college graduates are more likely to experience this. In order to be considered, candidates with greater experience may need a larger salary.

  • He or she is a manager, executive, or specialist.
  • Be in possession of a post secondary diploma from a well-respected institution or university. Lack of a university degree may be made up for in certain cases by a strong professional history and a high pay.
  • Keep in mind that these are merely general guidelines and that the authorities will thoroughly review all Employment Pass applications before making their final decision. EPs may be obtained in any number by a Singapore firm with overseas staff.

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What papers do I need to provide with my application for an Employment Pass?

  • A completed and signed EP Application Form 8 from the Singapore-based firm that will be hiring you.
  • your most recent resume, as well as any academic credentials that are relevant to the job
  • It’s imperative that you have recommendations and references from previous companies readily hand.
  • Three months’ worth of passport-sized photographs of yourself.
  • A copy of the passport page that includes your personal data
  • Copy of the Singapore-based company’s profile that is reviewing your application for a job.

A thorough description of your responsibilities at work

When you start working with the Singaporean firm, they’ll want you to know all there is to know about their operations and/or goods.

In addition to the eight documents listed above, you may be required to provide further proof. Foreign-language documents require professional translation.

Let me know how to go about getting an Employment Pass, as well as how long it will take

If the firm that will be hiring you has set up an EP online account, you may apply for an Employment Pass online, or by mail if the employer does not. In most cases, online applications are handled within three weeks after being submitted, unless otherwise stated.

All of your supporting documents may be attached to a manual application. Manual applications, if sent in the mail, are typically processed eight weeks after they are received.

Depending on the complexity of your application, it may take several days or even weeks to be reviewed by the university. The repute of the Singapore company, the credentials of the applicant, and the availability of supporting documentation are just a few examples.